This lodge was consecrated in 1863.  The consecration of the Lodge of St. Barnabas, No.1250 of Free Masons took place on Monday, 18th.inst. (1863) at the Elephant and

Castle Hotel, Linslade, Bucks. Leighton Buzzard, Station. The assembled brethren formed in procession with officers of other Lodges in their collars and Jewels of office and proceeded to St. Barnabas Church, Linslade, where a full service was performed.

The Lodge of St Barnabas 948 is one of the oldest lodges in Buckinghamshire


No regular English lodge can be formed unless a Petition has been sent to the United Grand Lodge of England requesting for this to be sanctioned, the original Petition for the Lodge of St.Barnabas is still held in the archives of Grand Lodge and a transcript of:

To the Grand Master of the United Fraternity of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of England is set out below.









The minute books of every meeting since that Consecration together with the names of every brother are still in existence thus we are able to glean from those minutes many items of interest which are set down as follows.

The first Master of the Lodge at the consecration meeting was Brother John Merritt Shugar, it also included the appointment of the officers of the Lodge, being the position of Treasurer and Secretary as well as the Wardens, Deacons and a proposal was put for the post of Tyler.