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The Gables Masonic Centre Wing Road, Linslade, Leighton Buzzard. Meeting held on Thursday 4th January 1934 at the Assembly Room, Corn Exchange, Leighton Buzzard.  A discussion now took place to decide as to the Lodge purchasing a property for a Temple. W. Bro. Willard informed the Brethren that certain premises at the Gables Linslade could be purchased for the sum of £650.00.  The General Purposes Committee had met and had discussed the question of purchase. They had appointed a subcommittee to view the premises. He then gave a full description of the premises.


















A photo of the billiard room was handed round the Lodge for the inspection by the Brethren from which they could see what a handsome room it was and what a magnificent Temple it would make.

This room is now a Freemasonry Temple
Eric Evans received his MBE for work on the railways












Good food at The Gables Hall Linslade, Leighton Buzzard, Buckinghamshire

At the Gables Hall the catering staff can provide tea, coffee and buffet style for company conferences, banquets, to weddings.  With up to 100 for a sit down meal in the main dining room using the square traditional table or the less informal round table seating 10 to 12 people.  At the Gables we have a car park that will cater for 120 cars and can also be used for an outside event.  Please email roy.lemon@btinternet.com 

The Ladies Club
Great Room For A Function
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